Well many people are wondering if is there something better than Project Payday, and I guess what they mean is if you can make money fast with something else.

The short answer for this question would be yes, there is something better that you could do.

You could try making money as an affiliate and use the big internet marketing success shortcut.
What is it: InstaCash Keywords

InstaCash Keywords is a daily service where pre-researched keywords are emailed to customers. These keywords are picked out or approved by Matt Davis (six figures a year marketer) and/or Travis Sago (seven figures a year marketer).
The keywords will always originate from hungry, passionate markets and the keywords are HIGHLY searched…with low to moderate competition.

Most beginning and intermediate marketers really struggle to find LUCRATIVE niches and if they do find them they will struggle to find keywords that they can get ranked on Google. InstaCash Keywords gives their customers the niche and the keywords so they can start making money right away.

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