Have you ever wonder if you can make money fast from home? I know I was there too.

It is hard to believe that you can actually earn fast extra money working online, but is not difficult as it seems, all you have to do is have the right program and the desire to succeed.

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When I started with project payday I had the choice to choose two mentors, however I think now you can have up to three mentors, but you don’t really need them because everything is clearly shown in the step-by-step guide, but just in case you get to need them, just ask for them in your back office, someone will reply to you within 24 hours.

I think the big question here is, how much and how fast can I make money? Well, I made money the same day I joined, I made about one hundred dollars, I know I was in a lazy move, but the next day I made a little bit more, this opportunity is available to residents from USA and Canada only at this moment.

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How does google make money?

This is a great question and anyone can benefit from it, would you like to know why? Have you heard of google adsense program?

Google adsense program is free to join, and anybody can make money with google adsense, how?

Google just want a little bit of your traffic, and the best thing they are willing to pay you for it, there’s no selling involved as it consist in you showing their ads in your webpage, that’s it, how easy is that, now if it is so easy how come isn’t everybody doing this?

In order to make money with adsense you need to have a website, you can check www.freedom.ws/infinimar to get one because they have a great affiliate program that you can take advantage from, and it only cost $10 bucks per month, that way you can make money from two different angles, one would be adsense and the other one should be the affiliate program that comes with the hosting service from gdi.

I personally like gdi because with the affiliate program you have the potential of getting $100 dollars in a week just for using it and recommending their services, on the side they also pay commissions out every month, and I also use it because their service is cheap for the great benefits you will get with them, so with that you will have two streams of income.

Once you have your website up, people need to know your site exist, one of the most important way to achieve this is to appear in the search engines, the most important ones are; google, yahoo and msn, to do this a little Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will help, if you do not know what SEO is, here is a tip, write original content on your pages, I am telling you this because google doesn’t like content that already exist and if this happens google will not index your site within the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP).

As your web page gets older the better the chance you have to appear naturally in the SERP’s without much effort of your part, this is because google prefers sites that have been there for years than a new one, once somebody told me this is because new sites disappear quickly, here is another tip keep writing and you will be there in no time, it took my first site a year to see money rolling in constantly.

Making money on web is not easy when you do not know how to start, if you are looking to make money on web you should you join our team with GDI, in our team we have one guy that knows how to market on the internet, and the best thing is he is teaching all of us how to do the same as he is doing to make money with GDI.

I started with GDI last year, and even taught i still don't make it to the leaderboard, last week i was about to, i had 4 people that signed up under me, and in order for me or everyone else to be able to appear in the leaderboard is, if we get 5 people to sign up within a week, that is it, you will appear in the leaderboard, and that of course means you get to have $100 dollars in bonus just for that.

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GDI pays in 2 ways the bonus one that is paid weekly, and the commission one that is paid monthly, at this point i only get the commissions one that is paid monthly, but i am so close to get the bonus one, hopefuly soon.

Meanwhile if you would like to read a review about GDI there is one that you can read by clicking here.

I like GDI because it sells it self, i have a website that I use to make money besides promoting GDI, so for me i make money in two different ways, with GDI as affilate, and from the website itself, is so easy to use, if you would like to know i use clickbank in my website to try to monetize it, i still don't make much, but sure it is growing.