A friend of mine asked me to clarify if GDI was a scam and how it works, I am going to dedicate this post to answer many questions you may have about GDI as well as how come GDI is not a scam.

GDI or Global Domains International is a Web Hosting Services which has a cost of $10 dollars per month, which makes GDI totally legit.

But the question is, how you make money with GDI? The answer is simple, GDI offers an affiliate program included with a web hosting service for you to take advantage of it, in fact most of the people go to GDI exactly because of the income this company is offering through its affiliate program, but a true affiliate program will never require you to pay to join, so what’s going on with GDI, let me explain this a little bit more.

The affiliate program with GDI is only free to their customers, that this means I have to pay for web hosting with GDI even if I do not use it? Yes, if you want to take advantage of the affiliate program, but if you are paying for services from GDI you should use them, even if you do not know how to make a web page they have a site builder for you to use it, you get 100 Mb of space, with a maximum of ten pages if you are going to be using the site builder tool they provide for you, that’s enough to run a small business, but if you have experience or know about html you could choose advance hosting, with advance hosting you can upload as many pages as you like, as long as you do not go over the available space which is 100 megabytes at the moment.

How the GDI affiliate program works? GDI is known as a source of income for life because once you build your team, GDI will send you monthly commissions as a check, or wire transfer, or PayPal instant transfer, is up to you how you want your commissions to be delivered, even with a small team you can see success with GDI.

The biggest advantage with GDI is that they have a contest bonus, if you get to referrer five paid customers to them in a week, you get a $100 in bonus for you, every five paid customers you referrer to them in a week is a $100 dollars for you, taking in consideration that GDI is giving a seven day free trial, you could start earning immediately even without spending your own money, so, if you waste $10 for your first month,(GDI will charge after the trial is finish), and you sponsored 5 paid customers within the trial week you already earn $90($100-$10) in pure profits, besides, GDI will pay you $1 dollar for every one you referrer to GDI five levels deep infinite levels wide each month as commissions, what this means for you is that you will collect $1 dollar for each person in your downline.

Quick explanation, people you referrer to GDI is your first level, people that your first level bring in, is your second level, people that your second level bring in, is your third level, people that your third level bring in is your 4th level, people that your 4th level bring in, is your fifth level, people that your fifth level bring in, you get nothing, because GDI pays five levels deep only, not to worry about it because GDI pays unlimited levels wide, so you have no limit on how much you could make with GDI.

If you still have questions I recommend you to see the movie that explains everything about GDI, you can find it by going to freedom.ws/infinimar or if you want to sign up with GDI you can do so there, after watching the movie.

Access code is already integrated, but If you need to enter access code, the access code is: infinimar

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