Topic Choice is Everything, But the reality is, the topic that has the best chance of making the most money, is the one you can write the most about, just because someone you know has a site on car repairs that makes $4000 a month with Adsense, doesn’t mean you should go out and create the same kind of site if you do not know nothing about car repairs.

That person is making that kind of money because they created a site on a topic they know a lot about, they have a lot of useful information on the subject, and over time, other people began linking to them and blogging about them, slowly but surely the site begins to build traffic, and as the traffic begins to grow, so does the Adsense revenue.

It is a good idea to be inspired by others, but do not feel you have to mimic their ideas to become successful, you should choose topics that interest you, that way you will enjoy what you do and you will be motivated to work on your site consistently, people often want to know how long does it take to make money with adsense, and I say, people learn at different speeds and the amount of time people can devote to this venture will vary, so the outcome varies drastically, and while I cannot tell you how much you will be making in any given amount of time, I can tell you that if you choose a topic you know a lot about you will see success much quicker.

Some people are so desperate to earn some money that they are willing to find any shortcut they can to make this work as quickly as possible.

Just because the concept of Google Adsense is simple, the process of making money from it is definitely not, if it was you would know several people getting checks from Google, and my guess is you probably don’t, right?

So, if you are in it to get rich quick, you’ll be disappointed, but the good news is, once you have done the hard work upfront, the money will begin to come in on auto pilot, as your traffic grows, your site will begin earning from Adsense even while you are sleep, but you have to get to that point first.

So while I would love to tell you that earning money with Adsense is about quickly slapping some ads and publishing your web site or blog, it is so much more than that because without the traffic, you will never make any money, and you definitely have to earn that traffic.

Your goal with Adsense is to become that site people recommend in whatever niche/topic you choose to focus on, you want people to say, hey, this is a cool site, I’m going to tell my visitors about them, and guess what? They’ve provided you with a free link without you having to ask, not only is this free traffic, but Google looks at it this way.

Site A is linking to site B, that must mean site A thinks site B is pretty useful site on the topic you have created, the more links you get to your site like this, the greater chance Google will rank you higher for whatever keywords your site focuses on, any time a related site links to you, it’s sort of like a vote for your site in the search engine’s eyes.

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