Here is how you can make money from the internet at will, there are people that are full time 100% affiliate marketers, I am going to show you a couple methods to generate a good income from the internet, what I am about to reveal you is one method that a lot of people use that pulls in over $2500 a month, and what is really sweet is, they do not pay for any advertising at all, how they do this?

They use clickbank and write articles to promote whatever they find interesting, this kind of marketing is good because for just a couple of hours that takes them to do the writing, they will get checks for months or maybe even years to come.

I am about to show you a very ingenious way to do it, some people call this a secret, but this is no secret at all, the gurus and the article writing books tell you that google has love for some sites, which is true, they also tell you to write articles so you can get backlinks to your own site, which will boosts your page rank, but let’s focus on making money with article marketing.

Well, google is absolutely in love with,, which are both article directory sites, also extremely powerful are and, a tiny bit more work, but well worth the effort, they are free and anyone can get started with no cash out of your pocket, another secret would be to target a phrase that has between 1000 to 5000 optimized results on google, what is an optimized result? If you go to google and type in any search phrase in quotes “” an look on the far right the number of results listed, in simple terms that’s how many pages you will be competing with.

Another thing to look for, if you are trying to make money with article marketing is, to note if there are paid ads for the term you will be writing about, that means if people are paying for ads, they are probably making money even after their ad expense, do not worry about that because you will be there and for free, now, it’s true that in order for you to appear naturally in SERP’s you need to know SEO, well, for this purpose of making money with article marketing, I am going to give you all the SEO you need to know.

The title of your article is most important, make sure your phrase is included in the article, now, the only SEO you need is to write a relevant article, if you are somewhat new to internet marketing, you might be thinking, how are you going to make money writing articles?

What you are going to do is place affiliate links in your article, this are going to be links for companies you are an affiliate for, many big companies pay you a commission just for sending them a visitor that purchases one of their products, note that I was talking about clickbank when I started to write this post, that’s because many affiliates start with one of the most respected companies on the net called

Just go to and click on the link that says sign up, there with clickbank you will find thousands of digital products you can sell, the average commission is 50% sometimes more.

We know that Google’s crawlers search websites for keyboards, then reports back and tells the company what kind of ads to send to the site, if your site is about exercise for example, then your keyboards would be something like “exercise”, “how to exercise” and things like that related to your site, getting the right keywords on your site will not just make your ads relevant, it will also help you to make sure that the ads you get are the ones that pay the most.

You do not want to build a site just to cash in on a high paying keyword, but if you know that “how to exercise” for example pays more than “exercise”, then it makes sense to use the higher paying keywords more than the lower paying ones.

Keyword density, how to do this, let’s see, you will need the right keywords to get the right ads, but you will also need the right amount of keywords, there is no golden rule for putting the right number of keywords on a page to get the ads you want, you will just have to experiment, it also seems to be the case that keyword density is counted across pages, especially for high-paying keywords, if you have a site that is generally about computers and you write a page for how to optimize your computer, a higher-paying keyword, you might find that you need to produce several pages about how to optimize your computer before you get the ads.

In general if you find that your ads are missing the point of your page and that your titles are all correct, then the next step would be to try mentioning your keywords more often and make sure that they are all finely focused, for example, talking about fire extinguishers is likely to get you better results than talking generally about safety equipment.

Keyword placement, it should not really matter where you put your keywords, as long as the right words are on the right page in the right amount of number, that should be enough to get you relevant ads, you might think, but there is something you must know about this, one of the strangest results that people have had using Adsense is that putting keywords in particular places on the page can have an effect on the ads the site gets, the most important place on your webpage is directly beneath the Adsense box, the keywords you place there could influence your ads.

Keeping that in mind, you could play with your ads in all sorts of ways, if you had a site about music for example, you might find that you are getting lots of ads about how to learn to play and learning to read music, which would be fine, but if you also wanted to make sure that one or two of your ads were about musical instruments, then mentioning those keywords once or twice on the page directly below the adsense box could give you ads for sites with that sort of content too.

Bear in mind though that you will often find that you get ads that try to combine the main thrust of your site with the words in that keyword space below the ad box, if you had a site about gardening and you mentioned cabbages beneath the ad box, you are more likely to get ads about growing cabbages than ads about cabbages recipes, experimenting with the placement of the keywords could allow you to control at least one or two of the ads you receive and help keep them varied, that’s definitely something to try.

Complementing your Ads – Adsense tip

There is an alternative strategy, which can be very powerful, bringing your users to your ads, now, you have to be careful here, Google forbids you from saying to users to go click on the ads, and that’s reasonable, but with some clever design work, you can still guide your users to look in that direction.

The rule to remember here is that images attract eyes, when a user loads a web page, the user is always going to look at the pictures, it does not matter how interesting the text is, be confident that by the time the user clicks away, the user will have looked at all the pictures, he or she might not have read all the text, but will have seen all the pictures for sure.

Now, wait a minute if you are thinking in loading up on image ads, think again, there is a difference between seeing the ads and clicking them, users will see image ads, but they will not click on them, what you can do though is to place images near your ads, people are always going to look at the image, and when they look at the image they will see the ads.

There are all sorts of ways you can do this, but probably the best method is to first place your ads and then think about which images you can place near them, of course you don’t just have to use images, you could also use a next link or a search box for example, is an excellent spot, you know your users are about to look for something and click away, why not offer them some of your own options, there is a good chance that pulling your user’s eyes in this way will increase your click-through rates.

Controlling your ads and attracting relevant ads
Getting the color and placement right will help improve your click-through rate, but neither of those will affect which ads your site serves, in theory, Google controls the ads that appear on your site, you do not get to choose them all, in practice there are a few things that you can do to stop irrelevant ads from appearing and ensure that you get the ads that give you cash, the more relevant the ads, the greater the chance that users will click and you will earn money.

The most important factor is obviously going to be your content, Google’s crawlers will check your site and serve up ads based on the keyboards and content on your page, bear in mind that Google’s crawlers cannot read graphics or flash or pretty much anything that is not text, remember that if you want to keep your ads relevant, you have got to have the sort of page that Google can understand and use to give you the ads you want.

Ad placement, where to put your ads? Location is everything, the world’s best ad will not deliver if it is not visible in the first place, but the most visible ads are not always the most effective, in fact they are likely to get ignored as advertising, what does work is wise placement, put them where your content is most likely to interest and engage your visitors, you can create several points of interest with the wise use of graphics, tables and other layout techniques.

Once you have your visitor’s attention with engaging and meaningful content, they are most likely to read and click on relevant ads, and that is exactly what Google wants, clicks from real prospects, not random visits from bored people.

A few simple tips to make your ads get clicks would be, go with the flow and identify the reading patterns of your visitors, what draws their attention first? What makes them click? You want to put your ads in areas that draw your visitors in with interesting content, there is no point in putting your ads in some out of the way place where no one ever looks at, your users will follow your content, so you need to make sure that your ads follow that content too, look at the design and layout of your webpage, identify the places that you think most of your users look, and mark each of them as a likely spot to put your ads.

Google says that certain areas are more effective than others, researchers have also found that when people look at a website, their eyes start in the top left hand corner and then travel down the page from left to right, all of this is true but the hottest areas can vary from site to site, you will need to experiment to find the very best places for your site.

Above the fold rule, one general rule on the internet is that people spend most of their time on a site above the fold, the first thing people do when they reach a website is to absorb as much information as possible before they start scrolling, the part of the page that they can see without scrolling is called above the fold, that’s where you want your ads to appear.

The number of links that appear above the fold affect how likely people are to click on your Adsense ads, that’s why more ads does not always mean more money, Google always puts the top paying ads on the top and the lowest paying ones at the bottom.

If you have a stack with three or more ads, the cheaper ads might steal attention away from high paying ads and clutter up your site, you do not want ads and links competing against each other, if you want to increase your earnings per click, remember this, less is more, less ads more money, and that’s particularly true above the fold.

Design your website to highlight Adsense, you do not have to make all the pages on your website identical, but you do want to make sure that the look of your page draws attention to the ads, and makes them appear as attractive and as valuable as you can, many websites have strong graphic elements that catch the eye, usually at the expense of the Adsense units, if you are using adsense, be judicious in the selection of fonts, font size, colors, images, tables and other visual aspects of your website, draw subtle attention to your Adsense units, make them the stars of the show.

Make the border go, you can more than double your click-through’s with this one simple tweak, ads in newspapers and magazines are marked off with thick, heavy border, no wonder borders and boxes have come to symbolize advertising messages, ads with prominent borders make your pages look cluttered, they distract the eye from the ad text, while marking off the add blocks from the rest of the content.

Google provides an extensive color palette in your administrative area, use it to tweak the look of your ads to suit your web page, with just one simple click, you can match the color of your ad’s border with the background, it frees up loads of space, the page looks instantly neater and the ads look more inviting, make sure you also pick a matching background color for the ad, the ad’s background must match the page background on which the ad will appear, if the ad appears in a table, match the table background color with the ad background color, the key is to blend the background and border color with the page, so that the text looks like an integral part of your web content.

Text is design too, the text size, font, color and the color of your ads must match the other text elements, if the text color of the ads is the same as the text in the body of your page, it will help the ads blend into the site and make the reader feel that you have endorsed them, and if the size of the font in the ads is the same as the size of the main body of the content, it will have the same effect, they will look like part of your site and not something brought in by Google, that’s the sort of blending that translates into clicks, too many text styles add clutter and can confuse your visitors, instead, try every legitimate way to make the ads look like a part of your web content, in other words use the colors to make sure your ads do not look like ads.

Expanded Text Ads, Shrinking Control or Expanded Income?

Take a look at the ad format samples on the Adsense site and you will see a bunch of squares and rectangles filled with ads, most of those ad units will contain more than one ad, on those units that do contain just the one ad, like the button or the half-banner, the ad will fill the space neatly and look pretty subtle.

You might be surprised if you put a skyscraper or a leaderboard on your site and find just one giant ad, written in super-sized text, all the effort you have put into picking the right ad for your site, testing to see which formats work best, and calculating which will give you the most clicks will have gone right out of the window, you have prepared your site to serve multiple ads that look like content, and instead you are handing out a single ad that just screams “Do Not Click Me”.

This can happen sometimes, but it’s not a reason to panic, it might even be a reason to celebrate, there are two possible reasons that Google is sending you these expanded text ads, the first possible reason is that you have been keyword-targeted, Google keeps track of your results and tries to serve up the number of ads for your page that will bring in the highest amount of income, that might be four ads in a unit, or just the one.

If I see that Google is giving me one ad, I will compare the results for that one ad to the previous results that I have had serving multiples ads in the same unit, if I find that my revenues have dropped I can either block that ad using my filters or just ask Adsense not to give me any more single ads, but I find that the expanded text ad is giving me more money, I might still be worried, I know that users are more likely to click ads that look like content, I also know that they prefer to have a choice of ads rather than just one option, if I am getting more clicks with just one ad, it could well be that I have been doing something wrong with that ad unit in the past, I would want to look at how well it’s been optimized and whether it’s in the right place to bring in the best income.

It could well be that this single ad is high-payer and works better with little competition, but it could also be that getting that one ad is a warning that something was wrong with the way you have laid out that ad unit on your site, you might want to try some different strategies to see if they will increase your revenues when the multiple ads come back.

There is another possibility though, you might have been site-targeted, this is a whole different history, it means that an advertiser has spotted your site and asked Google to run their ads on it on a pay per impression basis, you are no longer dealing with tempting people to click, so you do not care how much your ad looks like an ad, in fact you might even want it to look like an ad, if that’s what will keep the advertiser happy.

The most important point to bear in mind here is that you want to make sure that you are not losing money, it might be very nice for the advertiser to have exclusive control over a particular spot on your page but if you can make more money serving CPC ads in that space, you need to make sure that your site is working for you and not for the advertiser, again watch your stats for a week and see if the revenues you receive for your impressions are higher than those you receive for your clicks.

Google also offers five different kinds of rectangular ads, probably the most common use of rectangles is at the beginning of articles, you can wrap the text around the ad, forcing the reader to look at it if he wants to read the article, that is very effective, but you can really put these sorts of ads anywhere on the page, if you are wondering which size of ad would be best for the position you have got in mind, my advice is to start with the large rectangle, the 336 x 280.

Why should you choose the 336 x 280 ad block? The answer should be simple, because it gets the most clicks, second best is the 300 x 250 rectangle, image ads are built to be ignored, text ads should always be your first pick when you start to load up your site, image ads should always be your last choice, a text ad offers many advantages over image ads.

With the right formatting, a text ad blends in with your site content, an image ad will not give you the same freedom with its appearance, as the only thing you can play with is the size and positioning.

You can squeeze more text ads into the space that a conventional banner takes, people love to have more choices, properly formatted text ads do not look like clutter, banners do, people hate banners and avoid them at sight, many tests confirm that people are much more receptive to text ads related with your content, that does not mean you can’t use image ads.

Adlink units are very small, almost unnoticeable, but when used well, they can be extremely effective, Adlink units let you place a box on your site that contains four or five links, and they come in sizes ranging from 20 x 90 to 200 x 90, and are really meant to be placed on a sidebar, because you can place both Adlink units as well as others ad units on the page, you might find that the choice helps, if a user does not spot something interesting in one type of ad block, the user might spot it on another.

Where Adlinks differ from other types of ads is that they only display a list of topics that Google believes are relevant to the content of your pages, they do not display the ads themselves, when a visitor clicks on a topic, Google pops up a new window with targeted ads.

It can be argued that the Adlinks are ineffective because people have to go through two clicks in order for you to get paid, that’s right, you only get paid for the second click, that does not mean go ahead and click to see which ads are being serve, since only the second click is the one that counts for you to get paid, but it can also be argued that if someone is taking the time to click on a topic, then they are probably very interested in the link, and are likely to click an actual advertisement on the resulting page, some people have found that just about everyone who clicks on an adlink will click on the ads that appear on the next page.

Meet the Adsense Family, Google serves its ads in three flavors, with each of those flavors coming in a range of different shapes and sizes, it is very important to understand the differences between each of those ads, some are ideal for particular locations, some should never be used in certain locations, and some should never be used at all.

The sample page at lets you see all of the different kinds of ads at once, it even has links to sample placements that demonstrate how the ads can be used.

Text ads are probably the types of ad that you’re most familiar with, you get a box containing one or a number of ads with a linked headline, a brief description and a URL, you also get the “ads by google”notice that appears on all Adsense ads.

One of the first things people do when they sign up for Adsense is to grab a 468 x 60 ad block, most site owners have the mindset that when they put Google ads on their site, they must place the code that conforms most to traditional web advertising, and what would that be? Right, the 468 x 60, the ubiquitous banner format that we have all come to know and love to ignore.

Everyone is familiar with the 468 x 60, and that is exactly why click-through rate on this size is very low, even among advertisers who use images on their banners, the 468 x 60 block screams, hey, I am an advertisement, whatever you do, do not click me, in fact you should run away from me as fast as you can.

Now, that does not mean you can never use it, you just have to know what you are doing and do it smartly, you have to do everything you can to make sure that, that ad block looks absolutely nothing like a traditional banner ad.

Maximizing your revenue within the rules is easy, as easy as 1-2-3

Here are the three ways to increase your Adsense revenue
1.-By tweaking the ads, to make them more appealing to your visitors
2.-By optimizing your website, for better Adsense targeting, the google folks call it content relevance.
The only way to get 1 and 2 right is by getting the number 3 right, and the number 3 is the most important.
3.-Tracking visitor response.

If you do not know what works, and what does not work in trying to increase your Adsense revenue is like shooting arrows in the dark, the right tracking tools can reveal a great deal about your visitors and answer fundamental questions such as what they are looking for and what makes them click, once you have figured that out, that is it, you are on your way to big Adsense bucks.

But it is not as straight-forward as it seems, if it were, there would not be so many people on Adsense forums, complaining about their low Adsense earnings, it is not that they aren’t doing anything about it, they simple aren’t doing the right things.

Dress your ads for success, the choices can be overwhelming, many people let Google decide for them preferring to stick with the default settings, the various ad formats, colors and their placement on the web page can be done in thousands of combinations, you can literally spend hours every day experimenting with every possible combination, but let me give you a few ground rules that will sky-rock your CTR’s on your top-grossing pages.

Don’t make your ads look like an ad, people don’t visit your website for ads, they want good content, if you make the ads stick out with eye-popping colors, images or borders, that makes them easy to recognize as ads, and people work extra hard to avoid them.

The same goes for ads that are tucked away in the top, bottom or some other far corner of the page, so easy to ignore them, if you want people to click, make the ads look like an integral part of your content, visitors nowadays are blind to banners, mad at pop ups, weary of ads and skeptical on contests and giveaways.

Last post I was talking about how many webmasters or publishers still think that once you have stuck the adsense code on your page, that is all they have to do, but truly that is just the beginning.

My Advice is quite simple, do not be passive about your Adsense income, always look for ways to increase it, but before you try out that hot new idea you found on the net be sure to check out Google’s Adsense TOS, I have heard of some publishers have forever relinquished their fat Adsense paychecks, just because they were too busy to pay attention to something so important as is adsense TOS.

Google says that it always assigns ads in such a way that publishers receive maximum revenues and advertisers get the best value for their money, so if you have a site which talks about interior design and mentions homemade furnishings, Google will assume that your readers will be interesting in an ad which comes from a handmade furnishing company, but that won’t be the only ad that could appear on your page, Google will give you the ads that it thinks will give you the highest revenues.

If a lower paying ad gives you more clicks and higher overall revenues, you should find yourself receiving that ad instead, in theory you could just leave it to Google to decide which ads to give you and at which price, after all much of the way that Google runs the Adsense program is kept under wraps, we know a few things and enough to do a great deal with our Adsense ads, but we do not know it all, and for good reason, if it was clear how google figured out the content of each website and which ads suit that site best, there is a good chance that the web would be filled with sites created specially to bring in the highest paying ads instead of sites built to bring in and inform users.

However people try to build sites for ads, not content, but they tend not to make as much money as high quality sites that attract loyal users who click on ads, the fact is we can make the best of both adsense and our ad space without knowing the algorithms that Google uses to assign ads and pay sites, and is because adsense is pretty simple, at the most basic level, Adsense is a service that Google runs, that places ads on websites.

Everybody wants to know this little secret, but the truth is there is no secret at all, Google wants a slice of your traffic, and they are willing to pay big bucks, for those who have been complaining of high traffic and low sales, there is simple no better way to cash in on those hard-earned visitors to your web pages.

Adsense makes it so easy, there is no complicated software to install, no need to scout for affiliates, nothing to buy and there is no need to even have a merchant account, now here comes the question.

Why isn’t everybody doing this? And more importantly, why isn’t everybody making the most of it?

Most webmasters love to obsessively track their visitors, earnings and CTR’s many times a day, they love to see the money that is coming in, but they often miss what can be.

Adsense does not give you ultimate control over which ads are served, how the ads are rotated or what each click is worth, that is a good thing though, because it’s hands-free income, but it does give you some control and I will tell you how to use those controls later on future posts.

Many webmasters still think that once you have stuck the Adsense code on your page, there is little you can do except wait for the money to come.

Google gives you a great deal of control over your ads, and especially their visual or graphic elements, by tweaking these elements to your advantage, you could easily in as little as a few minutes multiply your click-throughs many times over.

To be continued

A friend of mine asked me to clarify if GDI was a scam and how it works, I am going to dedicate this post to answer many questions you may have about GDI as well as how come GDI is not a scam.

GDI or Global Domains International is a Web Hosting Services which has a cost of $10 dollars per month, which makes GDI totally legit.

But the question is, how you make money with GDI? The answer is simple, GDI offers an affiliate program included with a web hosting service for you to take advantage of it, in fact most of the people go to GDI exactly because of the income this company is offering through its affiliate program, but a true affiliate program will never require you to pay to join, so what’s going on with GDI, let me explain this a little bit more.

The affiliate program with GDI is only free to their customers, that this means I have to pay for web hosting with GDI even if I do not use it? Yes, if you want to take advantage of the affiliate program, but if you are paying for services from GDI you should use them, even if you do not know how to make a web page they have a site builder for you to use it, you get 100 Mb of space, with a maximum of ten pages if you are going to be using the site builder tool they provide for you, that’s enough to run a small business, but if you have experience or know about html you could choose advance hosting, with advance hosting you can upload as many pages as you like, as long as you do not go over the available space which is 100 megabytes at the moment.

How the GDI affiliate program works? GDI is known as a source of income for life because once you build your team, GDI will send you monthly commissions as a check, or wire transfer, or PayPal instant transfer, is up to you how you want your commissions to be delivered, even with a small team you can see success with GDI.

The biggest advantage with GDI is that they have a contest bonus, if you get to referrer five paid customers to them in a week, you get a $100 in bonus for you, every five paid customers you referrer to them in a week is a $100 dollars for you, taking in consideration that GDI is giving a seven day free trial, you could start earning immediately even without spending your own money, so, if you waste $10 for your first month,(GDI will charge after the trial is finish), and you sponsored 5 paid customers within the trial week you already earn $90($100-$10) in pure profits, besides, GDI will pay you $1 dollar for every one you referrer to GDI five levels deep infinite levels wide each month as commissions, what this means for you is that you will collect $1 dollar for each person in your downline.

Quick explanation, people you referrer to GDI is your first level, people that your first level bring in, is your second level, people that your second level bring in, is your third level, people that your third level bring in is your 4th level, people that your 4th level bring in, is your fifth level, people that your fifth level bring in, you get nothing, because GDI pays five levels deep only, not to worry about it because GDI pays unlimited levels wide, so you have no limit on how much you could make with GDI.

If you still have questions I recommend you to see the movie that explains everything about GDI, you can find it by going to or if you want to sign up with GDI you can do so there, after watching the movie.

Access code is already integrated, but If you need to enter access code, the access code is: infinimar

Topic Choice is Everything, But the reality is, the topic that has the best chance of making the most money, is the one you can write the most about, just because someone you know has a site on car repairs that makes $4000 a month with Adsense, doesn’t mean you should go out and create the same kind of site if you do not know nothing about car repairs.

That person is making that kind of money because they created a site on a topic they know a lot about, they have a lot of useful information on the subject, and over time, other people began linking to them and blogging about them, slowly but surely the site begins to build traffic, and as the traffic begins to grow, so does the Adsense revenue.

It is a good idea to be inspired by others, but do not feel you have to mimic their ideas to become successful, you should choose topics that interest you, that way you will enjoy what you do and you will be motivated to work on your site consistently, people often want to know how long does it take to make money with adsense, and I say, people learn at different speeds and the amount of time people can devote to this venture will vary, so the outcome varies drastically, and while I cannot tell you how much you will be making in any given amount of time, I can tell you that if you choose a topic you know a lot about you will see success much quicker.

Some people are so desperate to earn some money that they are willing to find any shortcut they can to make this work as quickly as possible.

Just because the concept of Google Adsense is simple, the process of making money from it is definitely not, if it was you would know several people getting checks from Google, and my guess is you probably don’t, right?

So, if you are in it to get rich quick, you’ll be disappointed, but the good news is, once you have done the hard work upfront, the money will begin to come in on auto pilot, as your traffic grows, your site will begin earning from Adsense even while you are sleep, but you have to get to that point first.

So while I would love to tell you that earning money with Adsense is about quickly slapping some ads and publishing your web site or blog, it is so much more than that because without the traffic, you will never make any money, and you definitely have to earn that traffic.

Your goal with Adsense is to become that site people recommend in whatever niche/topic you choose to focus on, you want people to say, hey, this is a cool site, I’m going to tell my visitors about them, and guess what? They’ve provided you with a free link without you having to ask, not only is this free traffic, but Google looks at it this way.

Site A is linking to site B, that must mean site A thinks site B is pretty useful site on the topic you have created, the more links you get to your site like this, the greater chance Google will rank you higher for whatever keywords your site focuses on, any time a related site links to you, it’s sort of like a vote for your site in the search engine’s eyes.

The inspiring Google Adsense stories continue to pile up, everyone wants to get in on their share of the Google Adsense pie, after all who would not like to receive a fat paycheck every month when all you do is build a web site or a blog and slap a few ads on it with the code that google adsense will provide you.

Google Adsense is one of the best solutions for any blog or web site owner who wants to earn a little extra cash that can turn into thousands of dollars over time, it has for so many people, but there are always truths that are ignored and overlooked.

Nothing in life is completely free, I am not going to tell you making money online is easy, it took me years to understand how could it be possible for me, because I enjoy what I do it has never felt like work for me, but let me tell you that traffic is very important to succeed with Google Adsense, simple, If there is no traffic, there will be no money.

Even though signing up with Google Adsense is free, there is still work required and nothing happens overnight, I want you to have realistic expectations, so I am going to go over many facts about Google Adsense that are often overlooked, and tell you what is the best way to begin if you are really serious about generating some extra income.

What is Google Adsense? In case some of you do not know what is this about, and how you make money with Google Adsense I am going to explain this a little bit.

Google Adsense is a hybrid of Google’s Webmaster advertising program called Google Adwords, webmasters are paying google to promote their ads on google, every time an ad gets clicked, google deducts a pre-set amount from their advertising budget, if you to you can see this ads show up in the far right-hand side of the page by doing almost any sort of search.

Google Adsense is a program derived from Google Adwords that allow publishers to promote these same adwords ads on our site, (publishers = website and blog owners), then google will pay the publishers a certain percentage of what the adwords customers are paying google for those ads, in other words as an adsense publisher you are helping google advertise these adwords ads, and google is paying you the a share of the revenue they earn every time your visitors click on your ads.

When you join adsense, google will supply you with a few lines of JavaScript code that you paste into your site, and because of the technology, google can actually read what each page is about, so the ads that show up on your site are relevant to the topic on your pages, this increases the chance that people will click on your ads and of course that means more earnings for you.