Here is how you can make money from the internet at will, there are people that are full time 100% affiliate marketers, I am going to show you a couple methods to generate a good income from the internet, what I am about to reveal you is one method that a lot of people use that pulls in over $2500 a month, and what is really sweet is, they do not pay for any advertising at all, how they do this?

They use clickbank and write articles to promote whatever they find interesting, this kind of marketing is good because for just a couple of hours that takes them to do the writing, they will get checks for months or maybe even years to come.

I am about to show you a very ingenious way to do it, some people call this a secret, but this is no secret at all, the gurus and the article writing books tell you that google has love for some sites, which is true, they also tell you to write articles so you can get backlinks to your own site, which will boosts your page rank, but let’s focus on making money with article marketing.

Well, google is absolutely in love with,, which are both article directory sites, also extremely powerful are and, a tiny bit more work, but well worth the effort, they are free and anyone can get started with no cash out of your pocket, another secret would be to target a phrase that has between 1000 to 5000 optimized results on google, what is an optimized result? If you go to google and type in any search phrase in quotes “” an look on the far right the number of results listed, in simple terms that’s how many pages you will be competing with.

Another thing to look for, if you are trying to make money with article marketing is, to note if there are paid ads for the term you will be writing about, that means if people are paying for ads, they are probably making money even after their ad expense, do not worry about that because you will be there and for free, now, it’s true that in order for you to appear naturally in SERP’s you need to know SEO, well, for this purpose of making money with article marketing, I am going to give you all the SEO you need to know.

The title of your article is most important, make sure your phrase is included in the article, now, the only SEO you need is to write a relevant article, if you are somewhat new to internet marketing, you might be thinking, how are you going to make money writing articles?

What you are going to do is place affiliate links in your article, this are going to be links for companies you are an affiliate for, many big companies pay you a commission just for sending them a visitor that purchases one of their products, note that I was talking about clickbank when I started to write this post, that’s because many affiliates start with one of the most respected companies on the net called

Just go to and click on the link that says sign up, there with clickbank you will find thousands of digital products you can sell, the average commission is 50% sometimes more.