We know that Google’s crawlers search websites for keyboards, then reports back and tells the company what kind of ads to send to the site, if your site is about exercise for example, then your keyboards would be something like “exercise”, “how to exercise” and things like that related to your site, getting the right keywords on your site will not just make your ads relevant, it will also help you to make sure that the ads you get are the ones that pay the most.

You do not want to build a site just to cash in on a high paying keyword, but if you know that “how to exercise” for example pays more than “exercise”, then it makes sense to use the higher paying keywords more than the lower paying ones.

Keyword density, how to do this, let’s see, you will need the right keywords to get the right ads, but you will also need the right amount of keywords, there is no golden rule for putting the right number of keywords on a page to get the ads you want, you will just have to experiment, it also seems to be the case that keyword density is counted across pages, especially for high-paying keywords, if you have a site that is generally about computers and you write a page for how to optimize your computer, a higher-paying keyword, you might find that you need to produce several pages about how to optimize your computer before you get the ads.

In general if you find that your ads are missing the point of your page and that your titles are all correct, then the next step would be to try mentioning your keywords more often and make sure that they are all finely focused, for example, talking about fire extinguishers is likely to get you better results than talking generally about safety equipment.

Keyword placement, it should not really matter where you put your keywords, as long as the right words are on the right page in the right amount of number, that should be enough to get you relevant ads, you might think, but there is something you must know about this, one of the strangest results that people have had using Adsense is that putting keywords in particular places on the page can have an effect on the ads the site gets, the most important place on your webpage is directly beneath the Adsense box, the keywords you place there could influence your ads.

Keeping that in mind, you could play with your ads in all sorts of ways, if you had a site about music for example, you might find that you are getting lots of ads about how to learn to play and learning to read music, which would be fine, but if you also wanted to make sure that one or two of your ads were about musical instruments, then mentioning those keywords once or twice on the page directly below the adsense box could give you ads for sites with that sort of content too.

Bear in mind though that you will often find that you get ads that try to combine the main thrust of your site with the words in that keyword space below the ad box, if you had a site about gardening and you mentioned cabbages beneath the ad box, you are more likely to get ads about growing cabbages than ads about cabbages recipes, experimenting with the placement of the keywords could allow you to control at least one or two of the ads you receive and help keep them varied, that’s definitely something to try.