Complementing your Ads – Adsense tip

There is an alternative strategy, which can be very powerful, bringing your users to your ads, now, you have to be careful here, Google forbids you from saying to users to go click on the ads, and that’s reasonable, but with some clever design work, you can still guide your users to look in that direction.

The rule to remember here is that images attract eyes, when a user loads a web page, the user is always going to look at the pictures, it does not matter how interesting the text is, be confident that by the time the user clicks away, the user will have looked at all the pictures, he or she might not have read all the text, but will have seen all the pictures for sure.

Now, wait a minute if you are thinking in loading up on image ads, think again, there is a difference between seeing the ads and clicking them, users will see image ads, but they will not click on them, what you can do though is to place images near your ads, people are always going to look at the image, and when they look at the image they will see the ads.

There are all sorts of ways you can do this, but probably the best method is to first place your ads and then think about which images you can place near them, of course you don’t just have to use images, you could also use a next link or a search box for example, is an excellent spot, you know your users are about to look for something and click away, why not offer them some of your own options, there is a good chance that pulling your user’s eyes in this way will increase your click-through rates.

Controlling your ads and attracting relevant ads
Getting the color and placement right will help improve your click-through rate, but neither of those will affect which ads your site serves, in theory, Google controls the ads that appear on your site, you do not get to choose them all, in practice there are a few things that you can do to stop irrelevant ads from appearing and ensure that you get the ads that give you cash, the more relevant the ads, the greater the chance that users will click and you will earn money.

The most important factor is obviously going to be your content, Google’s crawlers will check your site and serve up ads based on the keyboards and content on your page, bear in mind that Google’s crawlers cannot read graphics or flash or pretty much anything that is not text, remember that if you want to keep your ads relevant, you have got to have the sort of page that Google can understand and use to give you the ads you want.