Ad placement, where to put your ads? Location is everything, the world’s best ad will not deliver if it is not visible in the first place, but the most visible ads are not always the most effective, in fact they are likely to get ignored as advertising, what does work is wise placement, put them where your content is most likely to interest and engage your visitors, you can create several points of interest with the wise use of graphics, tables and other layout techniques.

Once you have your visitor’s attention with engaging and meaningful content, they are most likely to read and click on relevant ads, and that is exactly what Google wants, clicks from real prospects, not random visits from bored people.

A few simple tips to make your ads get clicks would be, go with the flow and identify the reading patterns of your visitors, what draws their attention first? What makes them click? You want to put your ads in areas that draw your visitors in with interesting content, there is no point in putting your ads in some out of the way place where no one ever looks at, your users will follow your content, so you need to make sure that your ads follow that content too, look at the design and layout of your webpage, identify the places that you think most of your users look, and mark each of them as a likely spot to put your ads.

Google says that certain areas are more effective than others, researchers have also found that when people look at a website, their eyes start in the top left hand corner and then travel down the page from left to right, all of this is true but the hottest areas can vary from site to site, you will need to experiment to find the very best places for your site.

Above the fold rule, one general rule on the internet is that people spend most of their time on a site above the fold, the first thing people do when they reach a website is to absorb as much information as possible before they start scrolling, the part of the page that they can see without scrolling is called above the fold, that’s where you want your ads to appear.

The number of links that appear above the fold affect how likely people are to click on your Adsense ads, that’s why more ads does not always mean more money, Google always puts the top paying ads on the top and the lowest paying ones at the bottom.

If you have a stack with three or more ads, the cheaper ads might steal attention away from high paying ads and clutter up your site, you do not want ads and links competing against each other, if you want to increase your earnings per click, remember this, less is more, less ads more money, and that’s particularly true above the fold.