Design your website to highlight Adsense, you do not have to make all the pages on your website identical, but you do want to make sure that the look of your page draws attention to the ads, and makes them appear as attractive and as valuable as you can, many websites have strong graphic elements that catch the eye, usually at the expense of the Adsense units, if you are using adsense, be judicious in the selection of fonts, font size, colors, images, tables and other visual aspects of your website, draw subtle attention to your Adsense units, make them the stars of the show.

Make the border go, you can more than double your click-through’s with this one simple tweak, ads in newspapers and magazines are marked off with thick, heavy border, no wonder borders and boxes have come to symbolize advertising messages, ads with prominent borders make your pages look cluttered, they distract the eye from the ad text, while marking off the add blocks from the rest of the content.

Google provides an extensive color palette in your administrative area, use it to tweak the look of your ads to suit your web page, with just one simple click, you can match the color of your ad’s border with the background, it frees up loads of space, the page looks instantly neater and the ads look more inviting, make sure you also pick a matching background color for the ad, the ad’s background must match the page background on which the ad will appear, if the ad appears in a table, match the table background color with the ad background color, the key is to blend the background and border color with the page, so that the text looks like an integral part of your web content.

Text is design too, the text size, font, color and the color of your ads must match the other text elements, if the text color of the ads is the same as the text in the body of your page, it will help the ads blend into the site and make the reader feel that you have endorsed them, and if the size of the font in the ads is the same as the size of the main body of the content, it will have the same effect, they will look like part of your site and not something brought in by Google, that’s the sort of blending that translates into clicks, too many text styles add clutter and can confuse your visitors, instead, try every legitimate way to make the ads look like a part of your web content, in other words use the colors to make sure your ads do not look like ads.