The inspiring Google Adsense stories continue to pile up, everyone wants to get in on their share of the Google Adsense pie, after all who would not like to receive a fat paycheck every month when all you do is build a web site or a blog and slap a few ads on it with the code that google adsense will provide you.

Google Adsense is one of the best solutions for any blog or web site owner who wants to earn a little extra cash that can turn into thousands of dollars over time, it has for so many people, but there are always truths that are ignored and overlooked.

Nothing in life is completely free, I am not going to tell you making money online is easy, it took me years to understand how could it be possible for me, because I enjoy what I do it has never felt like work for me, but let me tell you that traffic is very important to succeed with Google Adsense, simple, If there is no traffic, there will be no money.

Even though signing up with Google Adsense is free, there is still work required and nothing happens overnight, I want you to have realistic expectations, so I am going to go over many facts about Google Adsense that are often overlooked, and tell you what is the best way to begin if you are really serious about generating some extra income.

What is Google Adsense? In case some of you do not know what is this about, and how you make money with Google Adsense I am going to explain this a little bit.

Google Adsense is a hybrid of Google’s Webmaster advertising program called Google Adwords, webmasters are paying google to promote their ads on google, every time an ad gets clicked, google deducts a pre-set amount from their advertising budget, if you to you can see this ads show up in the far right-hand side of the page by doing almost any sort of search.

Google Adsense is a program derived from Google Adwords that allow publishers to promote these same adwords ads on our site, (publishers = website and blog owners), then google will pay the publishers a certain percentage of what the adwords customers are paying google for those ads, in other words as an adsense publisher you are helping google advertise these adwords ads, and google is paying you the a share of the revenue they earn every time your visitors click on your ads.

When you join adsense, google will supply you with a few lines of JavaScript code that you paste into your site, and because of the technology, google can actually read what each page is about, so the ads that show up on your site are relevant to the topic on your pages, this increases the chance that people will click on your ads and of course that means more earnings for you.

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