Last post I was talking about how many webmasters or publishers still think that once you have stuck the adsense code on your page, that is all they have to do, but truly that is just the beginning.

My Advice is quite simple, do not be passive about your Adsense income, always look for ways to increase it, but before you try out that hot new idea you found on the net be sure to check out Google’s Adsense TOS, I have heard of some publishers have forever relinquished their fat Adsense paychecks, just because they were too busy to pay attention to something so important as is adsense TOS.

Google says that it always assigns ads in such a way that publishers receive maximum revenues and advertisers get the best value for their money, so if you have a site which talks about interior design and mentions homemade furnishings, Google will assume that your readers will be interesting in an ad which comes from a handmade furnishing company, but that won’t be the only ad that could appear on your page, Google will give you the ads that it thinks will give you the highest revenues.

If a lower paying ad gives you more clicks and higher overall revenues, you should find yourself receiving that ad instead, in theory you could just leave it to Google to decide which ads to give you and at which price, after all much of the way that Google runs the Adsense program is kept under wraps, we know a few things and enough to do a great deal with our Adsense ads, but we do not know it all, and for good reason, if it was clear how google figured out the content of each website and which ads suit that site best, there is a good chance that the web would be filled with sites created specially to bring in the highest paying ads instead of sites built to bring in and inform users.

However people try to build sites for ads, not content, but they tend not to make as much money as high quality sites that attract loyal users who click on ads, the fact is we can make the best of both adsense and our ad space without knowing the algorithms that Google uses to assign ads and pay sites, and is because adsense is pretty simple, at the most basic level, Adsense is a service that Google runs, that places ads on websites.

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