Google also offers five different kinds of rectangular ads, probably the most common use of rectangles is at the beginning of articles, you can wrap the text around the ad, forcing the reader to look at it if he wants to read the article, that is very effective, but you can really put these sorts of ads anywhere on the page, if you are wondering which size of ad would be best for the position you have got in mind, my advice is to start with the large rectangle, the 336 x 280.

Why should you choose the 336 x 280 ad block? The answer should be simple, because it gets the most clicks, second best is the 300 x 250 rectangle, image ads are built to be ignored, text ads should always be your first pick when you start to load up your site, image ads should always be your last choice, a text ad offers many advantages over image ads.

With the right formatting, a text ad blends in with your site content, an image ad will not give you the same freedom with its appearance, as the only thing you can play with is the size and positioning.

You can squeeze more text ads into the space that a conventional banner takes, people love to have more choices, properly formatted text ads do not look like clutter, banners do, people hate banners and avoid them at sight, many tests confirm that people are much more receptive to text ads related with your content, that does not mean you can’t use image ads.

Adlink units are very small, almost unnoticeable, but when used well, they can be extremely effective, Adlink units let you place a box on your site that contains four or five links, and they come in sizes ranging from 20 x 90 to 200 x 90, and are really meant to be placed on a sidebar, because you can place both Adlink units as well as others ad units on the page, you might find that the choice helps, if a user does not spot something interesting in one type of ad block, the user might spot it on another.

Where Adlinks differ from other types of ads is that they only display a list of topics that Google believes are relevant to the content of your pages, they do not display the ads themselves, when a visitor clicks on a topic, Google pops up a new window with targeted ads.

It can be argued that the Adlinks are ineffective because people have to go through two clicks in order for you to get paid, that’s right, you only get paid for the second click, that does not mean go ahead and click to see which ads are being serve, since only the second click is the one that counts for you to get paid, but it can also be argued that if someone is taking the time to click on a topic, then they are probably very interested in the link, and are likely to click an actual advertisement on the resulting page, some people have found that just about everyone who clicks on an adlink will click on the ads that appear on the next page.