When I started this blog I was just learning and practicing how to make money online, I wasn't making much at the beginning, because I didn't know how to.

About 2 months ago I started with a new niche other than making money at home with a complete new site, and it already has page rank and can be found on the search engines for free results, that means that what i have been learning works.

When I saw PR in my new site I knew that I finally did it, and to prove this to myself I did a quick squidoo lens with another different niche like 2 weeks ago and it already has more than 40 visits in a week, just the poor little lens all by itself with no back links yet.

Just in case you are wondering where did I learn how to make money fast I went to the wealthy affiliate university with Kile and Carson, they do teach you how to earn fast extra money with PPC, or with article marketing but this one takes time, if you take this seriously you will learn how to make a living off of the internet too.