You must know that there are 10,000’s of different companies out there looking to pay people like you in exchange for driving sales or leads to their web pages. These companies are often referred to as "merchants", whereas the people promoting their products are referred to as "affiliates", this is more commonly known as Affiliate Marketing, and is a sub-category of Internet marketing.

There are many opportunities to create your own products/services and become a merchant, but this will take you time, while you get started, it is always recommended to begin as an Affiliate.

Top Affiliate Networks

There are all kinds of suggestions on how to get started in making sales online as an Internet marketer, but i always like to start off by finding a product to sell, the entire process of making a sale stems from the techniques you use after you’ve found a product to promote.

When you are looking for products to promote you should start by browsing through some of the larger Affiliate Networks. These networks are composed of 1000’s of companies that host their affiliate program through the network. This means that you can go to a single location and get access to many affiliate programs. Nearly all successful Internet marketers have used affiliate networks at one time or another and most probably still do. The following networks are where you will find the best products to promote online.

The number of ways you can make money online as an Internet marketer are endless. There are many different opportunities, and it is not refined to just one technique, but i want to make one thing clear first, you do not need to know everything to succeed, you can implement just one technique and become highly successful online!

There are billions of dollars being spent online every year, and it is growing by double digits. What does this mean to you? Well, for starters, a large chunk of online spending goes to Internet marketers (you). Anyone can succeed online and it really comes down to whether or not you are dedicated to learning how to become an Internet marketer.

So what separates a successful affiliate from someone who isn’t? Ultimately you are the deciding factor, treat your Internet marketing business as though it is real business, which it is.