In my unending search to make good money on the Internet fast, I came across Project Payday a system program that I hadn't tried before, I did not even know what it was.

I found Project Payday while I was in Yuwie, a social network that pays to socialize, I saw it as an add to boost your yuwie earnings, when I clicked it turns out to be nothing related to yuwie, but Project Payday. I just could not resist to read it because it was money making related, so I just had to see what the angle was?

So with that in mind, I was there reading a sales page from someone called Monika St. John, Co-Founder of Project Payday - Realistic Extra Income for the Average Joe, at the first page it doesn’t say what is this about, so I clicked for More Details, Proof & Testimonials. I must admit that I didn't have a clue what Project Payday was about, so I just had to read on. It turns out that Project Payday refers to the whole thing of Getting an ipod for free/Get a Free Gift, and most of this sites pays you cash right in to your paypal account.

I had run across this from time to time but had never bothered to find out the nuts and bolts of the gimmick. You have all no doubt seen a get a free ipod advertisement, or a get paid to take surveys blurb, or even get paid to shop advertisement. You know the spiel, sign up for a free or small fee promotion and you will receive a brand new ipod, Nintendo wii, laptop or whatever.

The promo you have to sign up for is usually something like Netflix or book store or Columbia House CD's. The gist of it is that the website giving away the free Nintendo wii, gets paid for each person it refers to the vendor, let’s say Columbia House pays the website for getting you to fill out the promo offer. It turns out that this isn't a scam as you might first think, I know I did. The website actually gives away free Nintendo wii, the catch is that to get the Nintendo wii, you have to refer 5 or 10 friends to sign up for the new Columbia House promo (or whatever they choose) as well.

The website gets let’s say $50, every time they refer someone. They make you refer 5 people to get your free Nintendo wii. The website makes $250 and gives you a Nintendo wii that they bought for $150. Everyone wins, Columbia House gets 5 new people to bombard with CD's, the website makes a $100 profit and you get a brand new Nintendo wii. Most of the sites offer cash prize if you wish.The problem of course is that you have no intention of bothering 5 friends and asking them to sign up for a promotion. Nice deal for the website, and explains why you see so many sites offering free Nintendo wii or ipods.(ipods are very famous nowadays)

So, I'm sure you are asking, how does a person make money off of all this. I am ashamed to admit that I never saw the money making angle to it until I read how in Project Payday. It turns out that there is a very lucrative little industry here.

Here's how it works:
There is a whole network of forums dedicated to people who buy and sell referrals for these free digital cameras, ipods, cash, TV's, and just about anything you can think of. If you sign up to one of these forums you will find that someone is willing to pay you $25 if you will sign up for some promo as their referral. Too good to be true? Let me explain things in detail.

Let’s say I find a website offering $600, to anyone who signs up for whatever offer I decide to get and I get 8 friends to sign up as well. Normally I would love to get the $600 but I know that I will never get 8 friends to join as well. This is where the forums come in. I sign up for the site and then post an ad on the forum that says that I am willing to pay 8 people $40 each if they will go to the website using my referral ID and sign up for the offer. You do the math... I pay out $320 and collect $600 from the website. In case you are wondering, I do get the money because the website was paid more from the advertiser company for the 9 referrals. And with new members the advertiser will get their money back shortly after.

You can make money using this system a few different ways. You can get paid by people by simply signing up to promotions as a referral. All money is exchanged thru PayPal and is paid instantly. All transactions are carried out on the forums so anyone not playing fair is immediately targeted and his or her career is cut short. Each buyer and seller is rated by the people they have done business with, much like eBay or Amazon, so you have a good idea of who you are dealing with before any transactions take place.

What's the downside? The only thing I don't like about this system is that I have to sign up for all these promos in order to get paid by others for my referral. Some sign ups are free and are not a problem. Most however require you to give them a credit card and after your initial 1 month free trial you will be charged a monthly fee. Think of Columbia House, you give them your credit card and they charge you a first month fee of 49 cents and send you 12 cd's. You get $25 from someone on the forum for being his referral. Good deal so far - you get $25 and pay out 49 cents. The problem is that if you don't cancel your Columbia House membership at the end of the trial period you will suddenly find yourself paying back your $25 for CD's you don't want.

This problem is not insurmountable but it does mean that this program will require work on your part. You will have to keep lists organized and remember to cancel all the promos you sign up for. None of this is hard but it is a pain in the butt. There are more angles to this whole enterprise but this gives you a rough idea of what it is all about.

If you are interested in learning more and want to pursue this then I encourage you to get Project Payday. It cost me $34.95 bucks but was worth it as it lays out the entire strategy for you in a simple, step by step format. More importantly it has access to all the specialized forums and websites involved in this. Keep in mind that you can do this without Project Payday but it will take you a great deal of time finding all the resources and forums. As usual I couldn't be bothered doing all that work and spent the $34.95. However now you can get your membership for free by filling in 1 offer in exchange.

How well does it work. Not bad if you need some extra cash, but it would take a great deal of time and energy to make a lot of money from this. I spent 2 - 3 hours at it for the first few days. Basically I agreed to be a referral for others and was paid to sign up for a bunch of promos. I did 4 and made $100 the first day before subtracting the $6 it cost me on my credit card for signing up for the promos.

I now have to remember to cancel all these promos before the trial periods end (a pain). I like strategy two a lot better. I have only done this once so far but it worked out well and it made more money for the time and effort expended. A website offered $600 in cash to my PayPal account if I referred 8 people to its promotions. I offered 8 people $40 each to sign up and had my $600 before the day was done. This did blow me away as I don't remember ever almost doubling my money that fast on anything before.

Not bad, but not get rich stuff either. The thing is, this program is more suited to stay at home moms and dads, and others who have time on their hands. Sure, you are the boss but you will have to put in work to make money. It is nice in the sense that if you need a certain amount of money in a hurry you can simply log in for a day of work and make it.

Having tested it myself I can confirm that it does work. This is ideal for someone who wants to make a decent amount of money working from home. For this reason I think it is only fair that if you want to try this for yourself you should join Project Payday and pay for the service, or complete 1 offer.

Like I said you can do most of this on your own but it will take you a while to get up to steam. I would just join and get your money back using the system.

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