You constantly hear that you can make a bunch of money off of the internet. But you still are wondering how? Like me, you have probably spent a good amount of money pursuing this goal, but the returns of the investment of money is not what you expect, in fact every time you try something new, instead of win, it goes exactly the opposite.

When I started back in 2004 everything was just fine, I was full time employed, working my regular 9 – 5 job, Monday through Friday, one website after another promised me that if I bought their program and followed their instructions the money would start rolling in. But it was not easy, as they claimed to be.

When I bought the first program, it turns out to be a complete scam, I still remember I had to transfer the money through western union, I didn’t even know why I had to use that service, but I did, my mistake, so NEVER use western union to complete transactions concerning the delivery of a program promising you to make money online.

Well not being the type of loser who gives up quickly I decided that I just had to start all over and with no money at this point, I started to look for free money making sites, they do exists and surprisely they do work, but you won’t get rich. I was making like about 5 dollars a month with each of those sites, at that time I had like 10 of those sites, so my monthly earnings were like 50 bucks a month. Enough to pay mi internet services.

After a while I got a part time job besides my full time, so I forgot about those sites because I didn’t have time to work with those sites anymore, I started to cancel the membership with those sites one by one. I wasn’t quitting though, this had become a challenge for me and I was bound and determined to prove that I could make money online somehow, I had it tested and it worked. It seemed that I just hadn't spent enough time looking for the correct way. I set out to change this. But first I needed to put some money back in my savings account again.

When I went back to my plan, this time I started with clickbank, I bought an e-book that I don’t remember what the name was, but it was google adwords related, this was suppose to make me thousands of dollars a month with clickbank affiliate program, but the only thing that this left me was a big bill from google adwords, I never sold anything.

My plan is to give you all of my knowledge so you can make money online, but without spending yours of course, in my next post I will show you how to get traffic for free.
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