There are several methods and I will start with writing articles.

The best way to get free traffic is to write articles and stick them on,, or any of the other article publication sites. Why did I mention those three first? The reason is simple.

Google has love for some sites, and Google is absolutely in love with those three, which are all article directory sites, one more reason is because you get to include a link to your website at the bottom of your article. The gurus and the article writing books tell you to write articles so you can get backlinks to your own site, which boosts your PR (page rank) PR = How important Google thinks a site is, also they tell you that your article might get picked up by another site owner with high traffic or an ezine publisher.
Which is all true!

You might get traffic if someone reading your article clicks your link to see what your website is all about. Another reason is that the articles can be republished and used on other websites which will give you both traffic and a link pointing back to your website.

The more people who put your article on their website means more backlinks to you, the more backlinks you have the higher your PR will be, the higher your PR the higher your website will rank on the search engines and if you make it to page one on Google you will have the traffic you were wishing for all for free.

Why am I talking about Google? Google is by far the most used search engine. It provides search results not only on its home page, but powers other search engines results as well.